Essabó Eco soaps are organic, not only because their ingredients are natural, but because they are produced with oils by organic and sustainable farming. These bioingredients ensure a high quality product and respect the natural environment and people’s health at the highest level.

To further ensure these guarantees, our products are certified as such by Bio.Inspecta, according to the BioVidaSana (BioHealthyLife) Standard in the top category: Category I of organic cosmetics, which demands and verifies that more than 95% of their ingredients come from organic farming.

Maximum sustainability in their composition (0% synthetic and animal ingredients) and packaging. They are presented very carefully with zero waste, no plastics and in recycled wrapping paper.


The BioVidaSana Standard:

  • Category I: “Organic cosmetic” (>95% eco-ingredients) → Bio Stamp
  • Category II: “Natural cosmetic with X % of eco-ingredients” (<95 %) → Bio Stamp
  • Category III: “Natural cosmetic” (with 0% eco-ingredients) → Nat. Stamp
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