Castalia is the range of ecological treatments manufactured by Jabones Beltrán for agricultural cleaning purposes and ensuring animal feed hygiene. Our Castalia soap removes the dirt left by insects on plant shoots and leaves. It can also be used to disinfect work tools and applied as a wetting agent and humectant for all types of crops. It is also an efficient multi-purpose cleaner and grease remover.

Liquid black soap Castalia

Castalia liquid black soap or potassium soap is manufactured by Jabones Beltrán. It is produced using the traditional method of the saponification of vegetable oils and potash in water. This multi-use product has been developed from our Castalia soap. which was previously authorized for use in ecological agriculture as an efficient and ecological form of phytosanitary protection against pests. Thanks to its potassium salt content it also functions as a fertilizer, and nourishes plants by correcting potassium deficiencies. Improved quality oils are now being used for its manufacture, whereby the product still conserved the same original properties, but is less prone to turbidity and is more easily dissolved in water at low temperatures.

Discover the different uses of Castalia Soap

Use as an agricultural cleaning agent

  • Removes dirt and stains on shoots and leaves left by insects’ honeydew excretions, mould and fungi, as well as resins and traces of insect moulting. It also enhances photosynthesis and plant growth.
  • Cleans and disinfects work tools, floors, work surfaces and machinery.


Dilute 2% with water (200mL in 10L)


Multi-purpose degreasing cleaner

  • Swiftly removes dirt, with no effort and no odours.
  • It is efficient for all types of stains and incrustations of natural and industrial
    fats, natural and synthetic oils, fuel and hydrocarbon residues, charcoal, food residues, organic residues, dyes and graffiti amongst other stains.
  • Suitable for domestic and industrial use.


Dilute 5% in water (500mL in 10L).

Wetting agent and humectant

  • As a wetting agent it is recommended for use as an emulsifier, surfactant solvent and antifoaming agent for other active ingredients, and it improves their effects and durability.
  • As a humectant and antiadherent it helps to disperse treatments applied to leaf surfaces, shoots and fruit.
  • It enhances the effects of phytosanitary products (liquid plant treatments) for infestations such as aphids, whitefly, red spiders or thrips.


As wetting agent: Use a concentration of 2-10% (p/p) and spray over the plant.
As humectant: Use a concentration of 1-2% (p/p) and spray over the plant.


Castalia soap benefits

  • Suitable for all types of crops (fruit and citrus trees, horticultural plants…) urban vegetable plots, as well gardens and both indoor and outdoor ornamental plants.
  • It is harmless to plants, while being beneficial for wildlife, people and
    domestic animals.
  • It leaves no residues.
  • It decomposes in any water-based medium, which frees potassium that
    in turn acts as a natural fertilizer and corrective for leaf deficiencies,
    whereby your plants will grow with greater vitality and better health.
  • Compatible with fertilizers and phytosanitary products Do not mix
    with products that have an acidic pH (PH<7). Not compatible with
    treatments containing metal and sulphur treatments.
  • It contains neither biocides nor poisonous substances.
  • 100% of all the ingredients are naturally sourced.


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