• Liquid coconut soap Vital

    8,70 22,90 

    A natural soap manufactured from a coconut base oil. Cleanses and care for garments Efficient at low temperatures. Do not need to use a fabric softener. Free of allergenic substances. Recommended by paediatricians…

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  • Vital liquid detergent

    8,00 69,50 

    Efficient liquid detergent for all types of clothing, even when washing at low temperatures. Enriched with natural soap. Does not need a fabric softener. Suitable for people affected by multiple chemical sensitivity. Fragrance and allergen free.…

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  • Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics

    9,95 108,15 

    Detergent made with authentic natural coconut oil soap, efficient at low temperaturas, with 100% naturally sourced plant-based ingredients. It is a 2 in 1 product that does not need any fabric softener.…

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