• Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics

    9,95 108,15 

    This ecological detergent made with authentic natural coconut oil soap is ideal for washing all types of fabric by hand or machine washing. Due to its impressive softness, this soap is highly recommended for washing clothes…

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  • Biobel Stain Remover Soft Soap

    4,60 105,60 

    Soft soap for easy use. Effective stain remover made with plant oils. Its powerful formula removes chafing and persistent stains in all types of clothes (especially grease stains) while caring for garments but…

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  • Bar of pure coconut soap 240g Vital


    Made with a 100% coconut oil base soap, this soap is ideally suited for hand-washing clothes, especially delicate garments, and it is also an effective stain remover for all types…

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  • Biobel Coconut Soap 240g


    The ecological Coconut Soap is a handcrafted bar of soap made with a 100% coconut oil base and scented with essential oil of lavender. It is ideally suited for hand-washing…

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