• Bar of pure coconut soap 240g Vital


    Handcrafted soap made by traditional cold saponification.  100% coconut oil. It is ideally suited for hand-washing clothes, especially delicate garments. Highly effective on all types of stains: greasy and enzymatic. It…

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  • Stain remover 750mL Vital


    Effective stain remover created using natural plant based ingredients. Soft soap that removes hard to remove chafing and stains on collars and cuffs, as well as other tough stains, all without harming…

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  • Washing-up liquid Vital

    5,05 72,70 

    A washing up liquid for hand-washing and degreasing all types of kitchen utensils. It is suitable for individuals affected by multiple chemical sensitivity. Free of allergenic substances. Recommended by the Asociación Valenciana de…

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  • Vital liquid detergent

    8,00 69,50 

    Efficient liquid detergent for all types of clothing, even when washing at low temperatures. Enriched with natural soap. Does not need a fabric softener. Suitable for people affected by multiple chemical sensitivity. Fragrance and allergen free.…

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  • Liquid coconut soap Vital

    8,70 22,90 

    A natural soap manufactured from a coconut base oil. Cleanses and care for garments Efficient at low temperatures. Do not need to use a fabric softener. Free of allergenic substances. Recommended by paediatricians…

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