• Biobel Stain Remover Soft Soap

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    Effective stain that removes chafing and persistent stains. Soft soap made with 100% naturally sourced plant-based ingredients. Fragrance and allergen free. Not requiring hazard warnings Certified by ECOCERT.

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  • Biobel Coconut Soap 240g


    Handcrafted bar of soap using a traditional cold saponification process. The ingredients are 100% naturally sourced. It is ideally suited for hand-washing delicate garments. It is efficient on all types of…

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  • Bar of pure coconut soap 240g Vital


    Handcrafted soap made by traditional cold saponification.  100% coconut oil. It is ideally suited for hand-washing clothes, especially delicate garments. Highly effective on all types of stains: greasy and enzymatic. It…

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