Soft soap natural stain remover 500g Beltrán


Soft soap, also known as potassium soap. is one of the oldest soaps on sale today. It is produced exclusively with naturally sourced plant-based oils, and without any colourants or perfumes.

It is the ideal solution for removing difficult stains or chafing, and it is gentle on fabrics unlike other more aggressive products,

We have been producing it since 1921 using artisanal methods and natural ingredients. It respects fabrics, the environment and your health.

Stain and scuff treatment suitable for all types of fabrics.

Highly effective, especially against animal and vegetable fat stains, mineral oil, black carbon, pigments, make-up… on both cotton and synthetic fabrics.

Fragrance and allergen free.


It is the ideal product for removing oil, grease and sticky organic stains.

Complete the washing process by using Biobel Liquid Detergent or Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics Detergent.

Always test it first somewhere hard to see on the garment.

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Weight 0,600 kg

Guidelines for use

Guidelines for use

Apply directly to stains and chafing.

For difficult or very dry stains apply it with a damp brush. Leave it to work for a few minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water and wash the garment in the washing machine.

Do not apply and leave to dry for long periods of time.

WARNING! For delicate fabrics or dyes, test it first on the garment somewhere hard to see.



>30% soap. Potassium soap made with 100% plant oils. Contains no perfume, allergens, colourant, thickening agent, nor bleaching agent.



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