Biobel Liquid detergent
Biobel Liquid detergent

Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics

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Detergent made with authentic natural coconut oil soap, efficient at low temperaturas, with 100% naturally sourced plant-based ingredients.

It is a 2 in 1 product that does not need any fabric softener.

Enriched with aloe vera extract. Not requiring hazard warnings

Fragrance and allergen free. Ideal for baby and adult clothes with sensitive skin.

Certified by ECOCERT.


This ecological detergent made with authentic natural coconut oil soap is ideal for washing all types of fabric by hand or machine washing. Due to its impressive softness, this soap is highly recommended for washing clothes for babies, or adults with sensitive skin, or those with atopic, irritable or itchy skin conditions. Furthermore, it is efficient at low temperatures.

It is enriched with aloe vera extract, which offers still more care and protection for the skin. It is unperfumed and allergen-free.

It is made exclusively with plant-sourced ingredients, without any ethoxylated or animal sourced ingredients. The ingredients are 100% naturally sourced.

It is a 2 in 1 product that does not need any fabric softener, which means there is no need to add chemical products that harm the skin and the environment.

Apt for cloth nappies. Formula not requiring hazard warnings

Detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the Ecocert “Ecodetergent” regulations, which can be consulted at


Following a range of trials with nappy experts, it has been confirmed that Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics detergent is highly effective for washing cloth nappies, as well cleaning baby clothes in general. It cleans deep down, is easy to rinse without waterproofing the nappy and removes odours.

For difficult stains we recommend using Biobel Oxygen Whitener as a pretreatment. Leave the garments to soak in hot or warm water and add a spoonful of Oxygen Whitener. To tackle smaller stains try using our 240g bar of Coconut Soap as pre-wash treatment for your garments.

Additional information

Weight 1,649 kg

1,5L, 20L, 5L

Guidelines for use

Follow the washing instructions provided by the garment manufacturer.

For the correct quantity of detergent, follow the indication in the table, bearing in mind how dirty the clothes are and whether using hard water.

Hand-washing: use 20ml of soap in 3-5L of cold water, submerge the garment and swish it around. Having left it to soak, swish it around once more, rinse it thoroughly and gentle squeeze out the water without twisting it.

Machine wash: follow the instructions on the label bearing in mind how dirty your laundry is and how hard the water is. It is efficient at low temperatures <30º.

In both cases it is not necessary to add fabric softener, as the coconut oil soap naturally leaves clothes soft and revitalized.

Important: temperature changes and exposure to light can cause changes to the appearance of natural products, but this does not hinder their effectiveness. Shake gently before use.


>30% water; 5-15% plant-based soap; <5% plant-based non-ionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants, vegetable glycerine, aloe vera extract and citric acid.

100% of the ingredients are naturally sourced. 0% of ethoxylated ingredients or those from artificial or animal sources.


Do you want to know more about these ingredients?

If so we explain the purpose of each of them in this section.

More information on ingredients here.

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