Biobel stain remover trio gift set

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Why choose a single product when you can buy a gift set of organic laundry care products at a fabulous discount?

The set is composed of:

-Biobel Coconut Soap 240g.

-Biobel Stain Remover Soft Soap 750mL.

– Biobel Oxygen Whitener 1Kg.

– Biobel gift soaps.

It is made exclusively with 100% naturally sourced plant-based ingredients, without any ethoxylated or animal sourced ingredients.

Natural detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard, which can be consulted at


Biobel Stain Remover Soft Soap 750mL:

The ideal product for removing oil, grease and sticky organic stains.

Use it to complement washing with Biobel Liquid Detergent or Babies and Delicate Fabrics detergent.

Put it to the test somewhere hard to see on the garment.


Biobel Coconut Soap 240g:

If using Biobel Coconut Soap as a stain remover, we recommend you complete the wash cycle with Biobel Liquid Detergent or Babies and Delicate Fabrics detergent.

Biobel bars of soap are a multifunctional stain remover that removes grease and oil while reviving your garments’ brightness and true colour. It is also efficient against enzymatic stains such as grass, mustard, blood and tomato.

To conserve the bar of soap in optimum condition, after use leave it in a soap dish or recipient in which the water can drain away so the soap can dry out.


Biobel Oxygen Whitener 1Kg:

To achieve optimum effectiveness for your wash, having used Biobel Oxygen Whitener as a pretreatment we recommend using Biobel Liquid Detergent or Babies and Delicate Fabrics Detergent.

To remove the smell of sweat when machine washing sports clothes, add a couple of spoonfuls of Oxygen Whitener to the Liquid Detergent.

To disinfect and eliminate the odour from pet beds and accessories, add a spoonful of the product along with the detergent.

To whiten cloth nappies use Oxygen Whitener to reinforce the action of the Biobel Babies and Delicate Fabrics detergent. If the nappies are very dirty, use our Oxygen Whitener as a pretreatment. This will make it easier to eliminate stains and the nappies will be left bright white once more.

Diluted to 0.4% it acts as a 100% natural disinfectant and bactericide for garments and household surfaces.

Sustainable packaging

Find out about the sustainability measures we take with regard to this product’s packaging.



Biobel is the leading Spanish brand of Ecocert certified ecological soaps and detergents for laundry and home cleaning. High quality effective products that care for the environment and your health. Our formulas combine tradition and innovation thanks to their 100% natural and renewable plant sourced ingredients. The whole range is ideally suited for vegans and vegetarians, and is also recommended for people with allergies and sensitive or atopic skin conditions.

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If you are interested in our ecological home cleaning products, you may also be interested in caring for your skin with ecological cosmetic soaps. Find out about Essabó, our handcrafted zero waste soaps for the most practical and sustainable way of cleaning and caring for the whole family, even those with the most sensitive skins.

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Additional information

Weight 5,57 kg

Dosage and guidelines for use

You can find it in the dosage and guidelines for use section in the individual file for each product of the set.

Biobel Stain Remover Soft Soap 750mL: >30% water; 15-30%: plant based potassium soap. 100% of the ingredients are naturally sourced. 0% of ethoxylated ingredients or those from artificial or animal sources.

Biobel Coconut Soap 240g: >30%: sodium cocoate; <5%: glycerine, essential oil of lavender, tocopherol. Contains: Linalool (a component of the essential oil). 100% of the ingredients are naturally sourced. 0% of ethoxylated ingredients or those from artificial or animal sources.

Biobel Oxygen Whitener 1Kg: >30% sodium percarbonate. 100% of the ingredients are naturally sourced: pure sodium percarbonate without bleach, chlorine or optical whiteners. 0% of ethoxylated ingredients or those from artificial or animal sources.

Do you want to know more about these ingredients?

If so we explain the purpose of each of them in this sección.

Here you can find further information and recommendations for these products published in our blog:

2 reviews for Biobel stain remover trio gift set

  1. ES


    Compre el lote para probar los el jabón quitamanchas y el blanqueador y me han gustado mucho. El blanqueador lo utilizo también sobre ropa de color para manchas difíciles y va muy bien. Un saludo.

    • ES


      Muchas gracias por tu comentario Pilar. Los dos productos son muy buenos con las manchas más difíciles. Además, el blanqueador, como bien indicas, puede usarse tranquilamente en ropa de color tanto como pretratamiento o como refuerzo de lavado, ya que no elimina los colores.

  2. ES

    Carmen RG (verified owner)

    He comprado el lote completo para limpiar unos sofás de lino, conozco los productos por separado y me gustan mucho.

    • ES


      Hola Carmen, es el trío perfecto para combatir cualquier tipo de mancha!

  3. ES

    Ana López Martínez (verified owner)

    Ya había probado anteriormente los 3 productos por separado, me parecen sensacionales, eliminan con facilidad manchas difíciles. La promoción estando juntos es mucho más económica y, realmente, utilizo los 3 para diferentes tejidos

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