Castalia liquid black soap

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Black soap is produced by the saponification of plant based oils and potash dissolved in water.

Excellent agricultural cleaning agent.

It cleans and disinfects tools

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly product.

Certified by ECOCERT.


Your tried and trusted soap, Castalia bio potassium solution, is now called Castalia liquid black soap.

Castalia liquid black soap is produced by the saponification of plant based oils and potash dissolved in water.

It is an excellent agricultural cleaning agent that removes the dirt and stains left on plant shoots and leaves by insects’ honeydew excretions, mould, and fungi, as well as resins and traces of insect moulting. It also enhances photosynthesis and plant growth, and it cleans and disinfects tools, floors, work surfaces and machinery.

It is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly product.

Detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the Ecocert “Ecodetergent” regulations, which can be consulted at


It acts as a wetting agent and humectant, and disperses treatments applied to leaves, shoots, and fruit. It also enhances the effects of phytosanitary products for insect infestations such as aphids, whitefly, red spiders, or thrips.

It can be used as multi-purpose degreasing cleaner to swiftly remove dirt with no extra effort and no odours. It is also effective against all types of stains and encrustations of natural greases, oils, and fuel residues, etc.

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Dosage and guidelines for use

Guidelines for use

Shake gently before use.

As an agricultural cleaning agent: dilute 2% with water (200mL in 10L).

      • Spray the product on to tools, wipe gently if necessary. Then, rinse and dry with a clean cloth.
      • Spray onto or introduce the mixture into machinery. Leave it for a few minutes to take effect. Then, rinse with plenty of water.


As an industrial cleaner: dilute 5% in water (500mL in 10L).

      • Spray over the area in need of cleaning, scrub any dry or persistent dirt, and rinse with water, or else use a cloth to remove any dirty residue.


15-30% liquid black soap produced from plant based oils and potash dissolved in water. Natural product. It contains neither biocides, nor poisonous substances.

100% of all the ingredients used are naturally sourced.


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