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NATRUE organic cosmetics certificate.

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Handcrafted soap for body and facial cleansing made by traditional cold saponification.


Its base is made with bio coconut oil and bio olive oil.

NATRUE organic cosmetics certificate.


100% natural cosmetic.

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  • Coconut oil is one of the best cosmetic oils used in soap making. Coconut oil is the ideal cosmetic for personal hygiene. It provides abundant soft lather with the softening and moisturising properties of olive oil, which make soap excellent for all skin types, even the youngest, and the most sensitive or atopic skins
  • The combination of essential oils provides an original and pleasant aroma that makes using this soap more pleasurable and sensorial.
Essabo Eco

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Body cleanliness: body bath soap

A bar of Essabó soap is the most natural product for body cleanliness and hygiene. It makes plenty of creamy lather that cleans, nourishes and cares for your skin’s health. It does not cause irritations, hypersensitivity or itchiness when coming into direct contact with the synthetic ingredients usually found in gels and shampoos.

Wet the bar of soap and use it directly on your skin or on a sponge. Massage its lather on your body and then rinse well with water.

Cleaning faces: make-up removal soap

Essabó soaps clean all skin types thoroughly, conveniently and healthily by removing impurities, and even make-up.

Rub the bar of soap in your hands until lather appears. Then close your eyes and massage your face with this lather for a few seconds. Rinse lather with plenty of water. Use a reusable make-up removal sponge, preferable an ecological one, to remove any traces of make-up. End the process with your usual face tonic and/or moisturising cream.

Cleaning hands: disinfectant soap

Correct hand hygiene is essential to prevent infection and/or contagion. Traditional “all-time” soap is the most efficient natural product to remove dirt, while caring for the most delicate skin and hands.

Wet your hands and rub the soap between them until plenty of lather forms. Rub the palms of your hands together and intertwine fingers. Finally rinse hands with water to remove all the lather.

Soap for aesthetic pretreatments

It is also highly recommended to supplement any aesthetic treatment as good skin cleaning is an essential previous step to more efficiently perform any treatment. Essabó thoroughly cleans skin and makes it more receptive to cosmetics used later as part of face and body treatments.

Body scrub-skin + bath soap

Thanks to its ground almond shells, Scrub-skin Essabó is an ideal soap for cleaning and delicately scrubbing skin at the same time. Every now and then, good skin scrubbing removes impurities, dead cells from skin and encourages cell renewal.

To scrub skin while taking a shower, wet the bar of soap and apply directly to your skin. Massage your body with the lather and then rinse it well with water. Then apply your usual moisturising body cream.

Facial scrub-skin + soap for cleaning and removing make-up

Shaving soap

This Essabó bar of soap is the ideal and most natural product for shaving beards with a razor blade.

Wet the shaving brush in hot water, rub soap onto it and lather your face until plenty of lather appears. Then shave. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

As this soap is ecological and free of added lathering products, its lather is not as compact and persistent as achieved with traditional products, but enough lather is produced to efficiently shave while caring for skin, even the most sensitive skins, and to avoid irritation.

 Soap that cares for beards

The Essabó bar is the most convenient and natural soap for cleaning and caring for your beard and skin.

Wet the bar of soap in your hands and lather your beard until abundant lather forms. Massage your face and untangle your beard with your fingers. Then rinse with plenty of water and shape your beard to obtain the desired effect.

Thanks to Essabó soap’s own essential oils, your beard will be completely moisturised and you will no longer need to use supplementary oils.

Soap for body hair removal

Shaving Essabó allows you to remove hair from your body with a razor blade easily, quickly and naturally, which avoids having to use synthetic body hair-removal products.

Wet the bar of soap in your hands. On wet skin, lather the body area where hair is to be removed by covering it completely with lather. Gently use the razor blade and finish by rinsing the body area well.

Shampoo soap

Our solid shampoo is formulated only with a soap base that contains no surfactants. This makes it the most natural effective soap for washing hair.

When your hair is wet, rub the soap in your hands or directly on your hair until lather forms. Then spread this lather all over your hair and massage your scalp for a few minutes. Take longer to rub dirtier areas. For more thorough cleaning, rinse with water and repeat the process.

Do not worry if your hair does not finish as you expected after the first washes. Your hair might need a few weeks to adapt because when sulphates and silicones are removed, the scalp produces more grease to compensate for this loss. Squirt some vinegar in the last to make your hair shinier and softer.

Treats acne and regulates greasy and shiny skin

Thanks to green clay properties, Greasy Skin Essabó is an ideal soap for treating acne and regulating grease and sweat on skin.

Wet your hands and rub the bar of soap in your hands until plenty of lather forms. Then massage this lather all over your face and leave it to act for a few minutes. Finally, rinse well with water.

Depending on acne intensity, you can repeat this treatment every day or a few days a week, depending on your skin’s requirements.


Perfume-free Essabó

sodium cocoate, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, glycerin, tocopherol.


Essential Essabó

sodium cocoate, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, glycerin, citrus sinensis peel oil expressed, lavandula hybrida oil, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil, tocopherol, limonene**, eugenol**, linalool**, benzyl benzoate**, cinnamal**.


Scrub-skin Essabó

sodium cocoate, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, aloe barbadensis extract*, lavandula hybrida oil, glycerin, salvia officinalis leaf oil*, prunus amygdalus dulcis shell powder, tocopherol, linalool**, limonene**.


Shaving Essabó

sodium cocoate, aqua, butyrospermum parkii butter*, parfum, stearic acid, olea europaea fruit oil*, palmitic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid, tocopherol, citronellol**, eugenol**, limonene**.


Shampoo Essabó

sodium cocoate, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, citrus sinensis peel oil expressed, aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil, argania spinosa kernel oil*, glycerin, tocopherol, cinnamomum zeylanicum bark powder*, citric acid, limonene**, eugenol**, benzyl benzoate**, linalool**, cinnamal**.


Greasy skin Essabó

sodium cocoate, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, glycerin, citrus sinensis peel oil expressed, montmorillonite, illite, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil, cymbopogon citratus leaf oil, tocopherol, limonene**, eugenol**, citral**, geraniol**, linalool**, benzyl benzoate**, cinammal**.


Sports Essabó

sodium cocoate, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, mentha arvensis herb oil, glycerin, menthol, magnesium sulfate, tocopherol, C77007, limonene**, linalool**


*Eco-farm ingredients. / **Natural components of essential oils.

*** After the chemical reaction (saponification), this ingredient is transformed and is no longer included in the end product.


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