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Oily skin Essabó 120g

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Handmade soap specially designed for the treatment and prevention of facial and body acne. Made by traditional cold saponification.

Certified green clay and lemongrass essential oil.

Its base is made with bio coconut oil and bio olive oil.

NATRUE organic cosmetics certificate.

100% natural cosmetic. 96,2% organic cosmetic.

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Greasy skin Essabó is soap specially designed for people with greasy skin and/or acne. It is enriched with certified green clay. Green clay naturally regulates grease and helps to avoid skin becoming too greasy. Its base is made with eco-farm coconut oil and olive oil from Spanish biocrops.

It is handcrafted by traditional cold saponification.

It is ideal for greasy skin or mixed skin with considerable seborrhoeic activity, hyperhydrosis, shiny skin, skin with pores and spots and/or skin with acne.

It is NATRUE organic cosmetics certificate. This certification audits the entire production process; from the quality, traceability, and origin of the ingredients to the final cosmetic product, including manufacturing, facilities, and documentation.


  • Green clay is characterised by its purifying and antibacterial effects as it thoroughly cleans, relaxes and confers skin elasticity, and makes it feel fresh. It also helps to remove blackheads, treats open pores and dries up spots to help them disappear. It is a functional ingredient against acne and any alteration as a result of skin becoming too greasy.
  • Its mixture of orange, cinnamon and lemongrass essential oils provides it with a pleasant fresh aroma. This unique composition possesses antifungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic activity, which have an astringent effect on skin, calm irritations and helps acne outbursts heal. They also help this soap to act by cleaning and contracting pores in order to efficiently work against acne.
  • Coconut oil is one of the best cosmetic oils in soap making. Coconut oil is ideal as a cosmetic for personal hygiene. It produces plenty of soft lather, and possesses the softening and moisturising properties of olive oil. Together, they make this soap excellent for all skin types, even the youngest, and the most sensitive or atopic skins.
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Treats acne and regulates greasy and shiny skin

Thanks to green clay properties, Greasy Skin Essabó is an ideal soap for treating acne and regulating grease and sweat on skin.

Wet your hands and rub the bar of soap in your hands until plenty of lather forms. Then massage this lather all over your face and leave it to act for a few minutes. Finally, rinse well with water.

Depending on acne intensity, you can repeat this treatment every day or a few days a week, depending on your skin’s requirements.

Cleaning faces: make-up removal soap

Essabó soaps clean all skin types thoroughly, conveniently and healthily by removing impurities, and even make-up.

Rub the bar of soap in your hands until lather appears. Then close your eyes and massage your face with this lather for a few seconds. Rinse lather with plenty of water. Use a reusable make-up removal sponge, preferable an ecological one, to remove any traces of make-up. End the process with your usual face tonic and/or moisturising cream.

Soap for aesthetic pretreatments

It is also highly recommended to supplement any aesthetic treatment as good skin cleaning is an essential previous step to more efficiently perform any treatment. Essabó thoroughly cleans skin and makes it more receptive to cosmetics used later as part of face and body treatments.

sodium cocoate, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, glycerin, citrus sinensis peel oil expressed, montmorillonite, illite, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil, cymbopogon citratus leaf oil, tocopherol, limonene**, eugenol**, citral**, geraniol**, linalool**, benzyl benzoate**, cinammal**.

*Eco-farm ingredients. / **Natural components of essential oils.

% ECO NATRUE: 96.8%


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