Sports Essabó Eco 120g


Revitalising handmade soap. Helps muscle recovery and relieves physical discomfort after exercise. Made by traditional cold saponification.

Menthol and magnesium salts. Its base is made with bio coconut oil and bio olive oil.

NATRUE organic cosmetics certificate.

100% natural cosmetic. 96,2% organic cosmetic.

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Essabó Sports is a cosmetic bath soap that cleanses, refreshes and helps muscle recovery after exercise. Thanks to the cooling effect of menthol and the analgesic effect of magnesium salts, it relaxes muscles and relieves physical discomfort after exercise.

Its base is made with coconut oil from sustainable agriculture and olive oil from organic crops in Spain.

It is handmade by traditional cold saponification. Find out more about the manufacturing process in this video.

Ideal for use after a hard sports session.

It has the NATRUE organic cosmetic certificate that audits the entire production process; from the quality, traceability and origin of the ingredients to the final cosmetic through manufacturing, facilities and documentation.


  • Coconut oil is one of the best cosmetic oils in soap making. It is ideal as a cosmetic for personal hygiene. It generates a rich, soft lather which, together with the softening and moisturising properties of olive oil, makes an excellent soap for all skin types, including young, sensitive or atopic skin.
  • Magnesium salts are a traditional and natural remedy for joint and muscle pain. Properties easily absorbed by the skin, so its use is highly recommended after sport or overexertion.
  • Menthol has antiseptic, local analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. When applied to the skin, it produces a rubefacient effect, giving the sensation of cold afterwards, followed by a local analgesic action.
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Body cleanliness: body bath soap

A bar of Essabó soap is the most natural product for body cleanliness and hygiene. It makes plenty of creamy lather that cleans, nourishes and cares for your skin’s health. It does not cause irritations, hypersensitivity or itchiness when coming into direct contact with the synthetic ingredients usually found in gels and shampoos.

Wet the bar of soap and use it directly on your skin or on a sponge. Massage its lather on your body and then rinse well with water.


sodium cocoate*, aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, mentha arvensis herb oil, glycerin, menthol, magnesium sulfate, tocopherol, C77007***, limonene**, linalool**.

*Ingredients from organic farming / **Natural components of the essential oils.

*** 100% natural colouring.

100% ingredients of natural origin

96,2% ingredients of organic origin


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