Bar of pure coconut soap 240g Vital


Handcrafted soap made by traditional cold saponification.  100% coconut oil.

It is ideally suited for hand-washing clothes, especially delicate garments. Highly effective on all types of stains: greasy and enzymatic.

It cares for and protects even the most sensitive skins and hands.

Free of allergenic substances.

Made with a 100% coconut oil base soap, this soap is ideally suited for hand-washing clothes, especially delicate garments, and it is also an effective stain remover for all types of clothes and stains.

It is hand crafted using a traditional cold saponification process, and it produces a rich creamy lather. Furthermore, thanks to the coconut oil, it cares for and protects even the most sensitive skins and hands.


If you use this coconut Soap as a stain remover, we recommend you complete the wash cycle with Vital Liquid Detergent or Vital Liquid Coconut Soap.

The Vital Coconut Soap Bar is a multifunctional stain remover that removes grease and oil while reviving your garments’ brightness and preventing coloured fabrics from fading. It is also efficient against enzymatic stains such as grass, mustard, blood and tomato.

To conserve this bar of soap in optimum condition, after using it, leave it in a soap dish or recipient that allows the water to drain away and the soap to dry out.

Additional information

Weight 0,250 kg

Guidelines for use

How to use

For use as a stain remover, wet and rub the soap over the stain for a few seconds. For difficult stains apply it with a soft brush. Then rinse the fabric or wash it as normal.

For hand-washing, leave the garment to soak, apply the soap and swish the item thorough the soapy water. After a few minutes, swish it through the water once more, rinse it thoroughly and gently squeezing out any remaining water from the garment.

In both cases always follow the washing instructions provided by the garment’s manufacturer.


>30%: sodium cocoate; <5%: tocopherol.

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