Who we are?

Tradition & Innovation

Our company’s commitment to its specialization as an artisanal manufacturer of traditional soap combined with the use of innovative naturally sourced ingredients has evolved from our history and philosophy; it has permitted us to consolidate our business, which has operated uninterrupted for 100 years. Jabones Beltrán is the only manufacturer currently operating in Spain to have been producing traditional soap for a whole century.

Our history

Our company’s history dates back to 1921 when it was established in a small town, Xert, just north of Castellón. In the 1940s the company moved to Castellón, and then in the 1990s to a new factory in Almazora, where it is currently located. Since then, we have unceasingly extended our range of products, manufacturing capacity and factory space, which currently covers more than 4,000 m².

Having a one hundred years of experience help us ensure we maintain the essence of our company and a great many of our traditional manufacturing processes: using a cold and constantly stirred saponification process, we produce artisanal soap which is cut by hand into bars with stainless steel wire. Our high quality manufacturing capacity is governed by rigorous standards, and our product output is enhanced and grows year on year.

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Quienes somos - hISTORIA

At Jabones Beltrán we develop and manufacture ecological soaps for a range of uses – washing clothes and domestic cleaning, cosmetic use and agricultural purposes – while always pursuing our company’s commitment to respect society and the environment. Nuestros productos así como nuestra forma de producirlos y distribuirlos se basa una serie de valores que nos acerca a un modelo de consumo más ético y responsable con nuestro entorno.

Who we are




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Our commitment

We are committed to the sustainability of our products at every level, as a business and within society and the environment. Throughout our history we have been committed to manufacturing natural products that respect the environment and people’s health. Today, our products are certified by the best agencies, which guarantees their sustainability.

We are committed to the environment and society, and we collaborate periodically with the NGOs Cáritas and the Cruz Roja by donating soap to meet
people’s needs at a local level, and we also take part in international hygiene campaigns by assisting NGOs working in a number of African countries, including Gambia and Senegal.

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Who we are
Quality management

One means to achieve our aims has been the obtaining the ISO 9001 quality certificate. This certification ensures the continuity all our innovation strategies, customer relations and sustainability actions, while also maintaining our artisanal and sustainable manufacturing processes. The aim of this certificate is to assist with our compliance with the legal requirements and regulations related to our products, as well as guide us on the path to excellence in terms of customer services and logistics.

Who we are
Our team

Everything we do is possible thanks to our team of professionals who work in a range of areas and whose knowledge and research provide the perfect combination of experience + innovation; and, above all, thanks to the constant care and concern we devote to the products we manufacture.

Artisan, committed and happy soap makers.

Proud of who we are.

Who we are
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